Wk32 – Spinfit and Insanity Day 16 Cardio Recovery

You  might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet about any training in the last few days… usually I start Mondays with an early morning run, but after my disturbed sleep on Sunday night after my 5 hours gardening and 4 hours teaching swimming, I decided rest was needed.

On Monday night I came home and went to bed really early.  Managed to clock up 9 hours of sleep and it was great! 🙂

I had thought about running 10k on Tuesday morning, but opted instead for another lie in.  😀

Tuesday night was one session of spinfit: we’re really missing Helen.  So much so we were glad to only do one session with Catherine before going upstairs to do Insanity Day 16: Cardio Recovery.  I think it’s now 6 weeks without Helen.  She was so good, I hope she gets better soon. 😦

Spinfit was good, but Catherine always tends to cut the class short so we had about 35 minutes where I worked hard and 5 minutes of stretching.  It’s a bit of a let down when you are used to doing 40-45 minutes and she cuts it short each week.

We did do a cool thing which was standing up on the bike, holding yourself up with no hands… arms out to the side, or arms straight up above your head.  I used to always lose balance, but I think I’ve got it now.  Only thing is I wish she would make us do it for a bit longer!

After spin was Insanity Day 16, Cardio Recovery again.  It’s an odd DVD.  Recovering from the Cardio you do, a lot of stretching, and balance work. It’s tough don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help wanting to cut it out! I won’t though.

5 mile run tomorrow morning with Gill again.  She’s been off on holiday so it’ll be nice to catch up.

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