Wk31 – 6M run wi Jackie then Insanity Day 15

Saturday morning and I’d arranged to go for a 6 mile run with Jackie from Bellahouston.  I hadn’t run with Jackie since early June, so it was good to catch up.

We met at 8am and did our usual 6 mile ‘loop de loop’ out of Bella, into Pollok Park around a loop and back to Bella.  Jackie is just back from 5 weeks on holiday (camping) where she had a great time, and last week was her first week back at training.

She wasn’t sure if she would come as she’d trained 5 days in a row, but she pulled through and we ran a nice wee run, with lots of chats and we even saw Stanley.

It was a good run, and although Jackie’s legs were tired, she managed a very even pace throughout. That’s what I like about Jackie, she’s been running so long that her running is very consistent.  Her pace is about 1 – 1:30 mins slower than mine (she has little leggies 😉 ) but to be honest, the chat we get is good and the slower we go, the more chat we get in!

We had a good chat about lots of things, and it set me up well for Insanity Day 15, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs again.

Run: 6M, 57:09, Pace: 9:30, Calories: 600.
Ave HR: 132 (69%), Max HR: 146 (77%).

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