Oh my god I was tired today.  I woke up at 3am…unable to get back to sleep… cold.  And my mind was buzzing about one thing and the next.  Before I knew it, it was 4am.  So I got up and went online to try and take my mind off of whatever it was that was keeping me up.

I ended up getting back to bed at about 5:20 and knew I would be awake at 6:20… and I decided I would lie in rather than go for my usual 10k Monday morning run.

I was teaching swimming last night for 4 hours, teaching for the whole time.  And I was shouting so much, my throat is sore. Lol.  My back is a little sore from the gardening too, but nothing too bad. A run will probably actually loosen it off!

Sunday is meant to be my rest day… 5 hours gardening, 4 hours swimming teaching and a bit of food shopping in between!  Tonight is Insanity Cardio Recovery… I might do some gentle cardio before it and leave my 10k run until later in the week.

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