Getting there with the Garden

Sunday I spent 5 hours in the garden again.  Starting off from an overgrown, horrible garden which no one cared about, it’s starting to take shape.

Unfortunately the garden doesn’t get much light as it’s north facing so it’s not good to sit in, but I want to try and make it pleasant to walk through and easy to maintain.   And I hope to make it that way before the end of the year – fingers crossed!

Sunday morning we were out for 8am, digging up the top part.  We’d cleared it all of weeds in May, and I’d put weedkiller down in June, but the weeds were coming back so we planned to put weed membrane down.  (And we’ll put chippings on it once we borrow/rent a chipper).

In preparation to lay the weed membrane we:

1. Forked over all the soil, taking out any fresh weeds and roots.
2. Raked through the soil, taking out most of the stones.
3. Leveled the soil with the rake.
4. Stamped the soil down with our feet.
5. Leveled the soil finally with the rake.
6. And we scrubbed the back wall a bit too.  🙂

All that took about 3 hours, then I started to lay the weed membrane.  And just my luck half way through laying it, it started pouring! So we had a short break and I finished it off after the rain had gone.  I’m pretty pleased with it!

I’m going to do it to the whole garden, just to make it an easy to maintain garden.  It might take a while though as the other bit of the garden are bigger than the top bit and will take a lot of going over before we lay the weed membrane.

After I laid the membrane, I started to try and get some of the tree stumps out… and boy was it tough!!  Digging down is fine, but you really need to be able to cut the roots so that you can loosen the stumps out of the ground.  I left it for another day (or for my neighbour who seems to be good at getting them out!).

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