Wk31 – 12M Half Marathon training with Katrina

Thursday night- long run night again.  With just over 3 weeks to go until the Great Scottish run, it was another recce of the route for me.  12 miles this time with someone I’d offered to take around the route.

Photo courtesy of John Kynaston

I met John Kynaston, his wife Katrina and his friend Grant at Bellahouston Leisure Centre.  Katrina is training for the Loch Ness marathon and is being sponsored to train for it and run it.  She is also doing the Glasgow half and I’d offered to show her (and John and Grant) the route.

I always like running with new people, it gives you an insight into other people, and it’s amazing the amount of things you can learn about someone when you chat to them over a 1-2 hour run!

I’ve been following John’s blog for a while.  John Kynaston is well known in the ultra running commnity and has completed the West Highland Way race 5 times I think, along with another 12 ultra runs in the last 5 years!

His story is quite inspirational.  And so is Katrina’s actually.  Starting from getting out running, to now being able to run 18 miles+.  🙂

I let Katrina take the lead with the pace and John and Grant ran behind.  They ended up doing around 10 miles.

Katrina did well on the run anyway, and I think I managed to help her set aside any fears of the route being too hilly or too taxing.  She said it was good to go over the route and get to know it. 

We ran at a good steady pace all the way around (the first half was 8:41, second half 8:43).  I only struggled a wee bit when we got to about 8 miles when my tummy started playing up (again).  I didn’t let it show though and managed to ignore it until we finished the 12 miles. :-S

I’d made sure I’d been to the toilet before I went out, but it seems my body just doesn’t like running at night! Nevermind. I managed to run through it anyway.

It was a pleasant run and once again it was good to get my long run out of the way before the weekend.  I think I’ll do the route one more time, maybe 18 miles for my long run next week and see how I get on.

Run:  12.1M, 1:45, Pace: 8:41, 6.9moph, Calories: 1,198
Ave HR: 147 (77%), Max HR: 157 (83%)

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