Wk31 – 20 mins Bike then Insanity Fit Test 2

Monday night and I stayed a little later than normal at work, so my planned warm up cardio bike workout was shortened from 30-45 minutes to 20 minutes.   No worries though as I’d run for almost an hour in the morning. 🙂

Cruise intervals, Level 8, 5.6M, 20 mins, Calories: 250.
Warm up: 5 mins @+90rpm
3 x 4 mins @+100rpm, 1 min @+80rpm
Ave HR: 135  Max HR: 155

After the warm up on the bike it was the Insanity Day 13: Fit Test 2.

In July I’d done the first Insanity Fit Test and thought I’d done ok, now I wanted to see if I could beat it.

Switch Backs – 81 (-1)
Power Jacks – 70 (+15)
Power Knees – 101 (+17)
Power Jumps – 58 (+6)
Globe Jumps – 11 (-0)
Suicide Jumps – 19 (+1)
Push Up Jacks – 30 (+6)
Low Plank Oblique – 95 (+15)
Ave HR: 125 (66%)
Max HR: 164 (87%)

Calories: 240.

Quite a good improvement from last time… now I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve got used to the workout exercises more, or that I am that bit fitter… who knows.  It’s all good anyway.  🙂  I’m still liking just doing Insanity 3 days a week and including all of my other training along the way.


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