Wk30 – Insanity Day 12: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Insanity Pure CardioSaturday morning after the run and I went to do Insanity Day 12, which was Pure Cardio again and a new workout Cardio Abs: 1 hour in total.

Pure cardio was the same as last time, just as hard in fact: 10 minutes of warm up: 7 exercises repeated 3 times with the speed an intensity increasing on each rep.

Then it was into 15 exercises done for a minute each.  By the last two exercises I was just wanting it all to be over.. tough work!

After that we did Cardio Abs, and interesting little workout.  No crunches or sit ups, but hard work with your abs.

There was a quick warm up then some twists lying in the ‘C-sit’ position (sitting on your bum, holding your back up and your knees in front of you.

Then the same with twists, single leg raises,  high planks, high plank alternate knees, low plank, pulse tucks (low and high).

It was a good wee 15-20 minute workout in addition to the Pure Cardio one we’d just done.


Insanity Day 12: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
60 minutes, Ave HR: 127 (66%)  Max HR: 153 (80%) Calories: 450

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