Wk30 – 14.14M Half Marathon Training wi Paul

Thursday night: long run night again. I’d arranged to meet Paul again and after a kind of tough week with my running, where it felt like hard work to even get out the door for a run. But I was looking forward to the 14 mile run I had planned.

I got home and had my dinner including a muller rice for pudding and 1.5 lucozades to see if I could keep my hydration levels up. I usually run with a water pack for any distance over 12 miles, but I figured I’d try without it. I had my usual ‘toilet visit’ to clear my bowels out. I didn’t want another… ‘oh shit I really need to go’ mid run again just because I was running at night. Not nice, but it seems to be an issue for me now when I run in the evening (I usually run in the morning).

I ran to Bella to meet Paul in nice and comfortable 8 minute miles. I didn’t think I’d run as fast or as well as I did last week but I’d give it a go to run a steady pace.

My third mile was a little quicker than 8 minute mile pace. I love it when you have an idea of how you’ll run, ie steady pace, and your garmin let’s you know you are doing it. The rest of the run varied from between 7:30 – 8:00 min mile pace.

I was comfortable at 8 min mile pace, but running with Paul I was pushing myself ever so slightly out of my comfort zone. All good. (It was the fastest pace that mile anyway… so at least there was a reason for me wanting to slow it down a bit. 🙂 )

After about 7 miles I was finding the pace a little tough and asked to slow a little, but stayed strong. Around about that time, on Pollockshaws Road I felt like I could really do with a trip to bathroom again. We passed the very unappealing looking ‘Star Bar’ where three course meals are £2.99.

I briefly considered popping in to use their loo, but quickly changed my mind. When we got a little further I realised the Gorbals Leisure Centre would do. And phew for the Gorbals Leisure Centre that’s all I can say!! 8.5 miles in I was ready to go again.

I had an energy gel with me but I decided I’d leave it and see how I got on. We ran from the Gorbals, through Glasgow Green, up through town to George Square. We saw about twenty or so police dotted about which was a bit odd. Then from George Square we went up St Vincent St, and thank god that wee long hill is at the start.

What goes up must come down and after the uphill of St Vincent St there was a nice downhill which carried you along to Argyll St. Down Finnieston, along the Clyde on the north side, cross at the Squigly bridge.

I’d done my half marathon distance in 1:42, 3 minutes faster than last year (when I was having fun dressed as supergirl). I was sweating quite a bit, started to feel a bit thirsty and my legs were getting a bit tired. But I still had the energy left to do the mile home.

I tried to give everything I had around the not very scenic West St and Seaward St and powered home. 1:50 for 14.14M.

I got home and had a rather sickly banana forgoodnessshakes milkshake and drank 500mls of water.

I woke up through the night thirsty/dehydrated, so I’ll need to make sure I top up my water levels today.

I enjoyed the run with Paul.  🙂

Oh and we did a negative split, just. 1st 7 miles: 7:49 pace, 2nd 7 miles: 7:45 pace. Lovely. 🙂

Run: 14.14M, 1:50, Pace: 7:47 , 7.7 mph, Calories: 1,429.
Ave HR: 158 (83%) Max HR: 175 (83%)

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