Wk 30 Popular Search Engine Terms #3

5 week, 10k and half marathon training plans

I came across this question in a search engine term where someone ended up on my blog:

i’m only running up to 8 miles for long run, i have 5 weeks till my 1/2 marathon, help!

Help is at hand my friend.  😀

I’ve come up with the following for a 10k distance and for a half marathon distance, on the premise that:

  • You run at least 3 times per week (one short, medium and long run – add a medium or short easy one in if you want)
  • Your long runs should increase by about 10-20% for each long run you do.
  • You should taper in the last 2 weeks before an event. (Remember to leave about 2-3 days rest before the big day)

Some tips for these training plans:

  1. Short runs can be as fast as you like, usually the same route if possible.
  2. Medium runs can include speed work (intervals etc), tempo runs, hills repeats.
  3. Long runs should be slow and steady or you can attempt race pace on one or two of them. Try to run some or most of the event route if you can.
  4. Do the whole distance (13.1M) on the week 3 long run if you feel like it or feel strong enough.  But don’t risk injury.  Take your time and lower your pace accordingly.
    (Or you could do the full distance of the 10k, on the route preferably, in weeks 3 or 4 of the 10k plan).
  5. On your long training  runs for the half marathon, consider hydration and energy.  Leave a bottle of water/lucozade at a half way marker.  Try out energy gels (I like the caffiene SIS ones) 🙂  (See  more here about running long, or here: 10 long run tips, or here: Some of my rituals for long runs).
  6. Think about your long runs strategy – split the run up into smaller sections, 10k might be 4k,4k,2k; half marathon might be 5 miles, 5 miles, 3.1 miles.  You can do 5 miles (twice), and you can do 3.1 miles… all you’ll need to do on the day is add them all together!
  7. If you want to add a run or two to the schedule a week, add a short easy one, or a short intervals/hills session.
  8. Possibity to cross train (spin, swim, walk) on other days.
  9. Run with others on your long runs to take your mind of exactly just how far it is you are trying to run!

The important to remember is that you CAN do it.  If you can run 8 miles, you could probably run forever – I’m not just saying that – it’s true!  You just need to have the desire and planning to do it, and the belief that you CAN do it. 

Perhaps this will help anyway.  🙂

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  1. robert cormack says:

    Good advice x

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