Wk30 – 5.55k of 3 x 5 hills then Insanity Day 11

Wednesday night and it was hill reps followed by Insanity Day 11: Cardio Power and Resistance.

After the pressure I had put on myself to run a fast 10k on Wednesday, I thought hill reps would be a great idea to loosen off and push myself (without worrying about speed).

When you run hills, you can’t run too fast, and you don’t want to. The hill makes you work hard so speed isn’t an issue (and they can make for a very pretty Garmin graph too).

I had half an hour to fill before going back into the gym and doing Insanity Day 11 so I decided I’d run maybe 3 hills: 5 repeats of 3 hills in Bellahouston Park.

photo taken in January 2011

First off I tackled the stairs, up and down 5 times, I tried to push it on the last rep and my heart rate peaked at 90%. Then I ran along to another hill, on grass this time. Up and down 5 times. I pushed again on the last one.

I recovered in the run to the next hill before doing 5 runs up and over one last hill.

In total it was 5.5k, 5 repeats of 3 hills.  Unfortunately my Garmin wouldn’t load up any information last night or today so the ‘pretty graph’ will be added later. Apparently they did an upgrade and have rolled it back – all of Garmin Connect is affected… arg!! It’s annoying when technology doesn’t work!

Run: 5.5k, 31 minutes, Pace: approx 8:40, Calories: 350.
3 hills, repeated 5 times.
Ave HR: 154 (81%) Max HR: 173 (91%)

After the run outside it was Insanity Day 11: Cardio Power and Resistance.

Once again a 10 minute warm up: 3 repeats of 7 exercises, jogging on the spot, power jacks, hurdle jumps, heisman 123s, butt kicks, high knees, vertical jumps.

Then a bit of stretching and into the main workout.  I’m starting to really like this workout and Insanity on the whole.

It pushes you just beyond your comfort zone and has the ability to push you just past it so you have to take a break then get back into it.

Insanity Day 11: Cardio Power and Resistance
40 minutes, 370 calories:
Ave HR: 124 (65%) Max HR: 153 (80%)

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