Wk30 – 10k half marathon training

Wednesday morning and once again I wasn’t up for a run.  I think it might be because I was putting pressure on myself to run a 10k fast… so when I got up I told myself I’d just run it.

It was a new route I was doing, which followed some of the end of the half marathon route and I would maybe treat it a bit like a time trial if I did it again.

The run didn’t start off well when I noticed my garmin was showing me running at 5-6mph when I knew I was going faster.  And at the point where I’ve normally run 1 mile, my garmin showed 0.9 miles – so it was clearly out.  It might be because I turned the gps off last night at spinfit.  The garmin can’t have picked up the satellites correctly.

The first mile was just under a 9 minute mile, but I had definately gone faster than that.  You can see on the map the first mile is all over the place.  Nevermind.

I ran across to Elginton Toll and down towards the Gorbals, along to Glasgow Green and into where the finish line of the half marathon is.  After about 3.5 miles I felt like I was running ok and at a steady pace when I strangely got a bit of a stitch.

When I was running back towards the flat I realised I should have run further in Glasgow Green as I was about 0.3 of a mile from finishing 10k (on my garmin).  I’ll remember that the next time I do the route. I had to run past the flat and back again at the end to make it up to 10k.

So all in all, I did ’10k by my garmin’ in just over 49 minutes, just under 8 minute miles.

In miles 2-6 my pace was around about a steady 7:40 minute miles so I was happy with that (probably closer to a 47:30 10k).

I think I need to learn to stop putting pressure on myself to ‘run fast’ and just go out and enjoy it.  I CAN run and I should be happy with that.  It’s just I was running so well last week, it seemed like the best next step.

Perhaps I’ll do some more speed work where I’m running faster for shorter distances (intervals), or hill work over shorter distances, then perhaps then it won’t feel like such a mammoth task ahead.

Run:  10k, 49:08, Pace 7:53, 7.6 mph, 635 calories.
(Actual approx: 47:30, 7:40)
Ave HR: 157 (83%)  Max HR: 168 (88%)

Check out my max speed on Garmin: 6,957mph! (see there was something up with it!) 😉

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