Wk 30 Popular Search Engine Terms #2

Here are what people have been searching on to get to this blog this week:  

how many weeks so far this year 2011

We are in week 31 (although I missed a week somewhere so I’m on 30)

Here’s a wee table which might help:

racing weight calculator 

See here: Target Weight Calculator

how many calories do you burn walking 4 miles a day?

The amount of calories you burn depends on how much you weigh along with how vigorously you work out.

There are lots of online calculators you can get which allow you to roughly workout how many calories you’ve burned.

Here are some calories burned calculators:

Select the activity, enter your weight in lbs or kgs, and the time you did the activity for.

For me, walking at 4mph for an hour = 250 – 325 calories.

Alternatively you can get a heart rate monitor and put in your weight – and it will work out how many calories you burn.

3k swim and calories burned?

Depends on how vigorously you swim, and how much you weigh.  The heavier you are and the harder you work, the more calories you burn.

If I do freestyle/front crawl for an hour and I’m working hard it might be around 600-650 calories.
Or 2k / 45 minutes might be about 500 calories.

Check out one or all of the calulators above.

swimming 2k sessions

See above in the top bar: Sw Sessions.
And here for an excel printable version.

 great scottish run 2011 route: is it hilly?

The route isn’t too hilly, although it does have some hills in it.  Take advantage of the downhills when you get them, especially the ones in Pollock Park.  The hills there are good… there are some ups, but also some good down hills.

There is a slight hill up St Vincent Street (mile 1), and in Pollock Park (miles 7-9 – kind of up and down hill) as you enter and after you pass the cows (before the Burrell Collection).  Then it’s sort of downhill, you really feel the downhill when you are running down the bus lane (Pollockshaws Road).

Here’s my brief race report from last year and here is the garmin link to the route.

Here’s the elevation and route map:

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3 Responses to Wk 30 Popular Search Engine Terms #2

  1. Eresiniona says:

    Oh thank you for the info on the route for the Great Scottish Run. I had read that it was hilly which worried me slightly, I have enough trouble running on flat! I’m still only at 6km distance so I have about 4 weeks to add 4km so need to get my butt into gear. Right now I’ll just be happy to finish it withouth having to walk, I can work on my times for next year 🙂
    I am hoping the adrenaline on the day will help.

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