Wk30 – 30 min bike, Insanity Day 10: Cardio Recovery

Monday night and I went to the gym, I wasn’t sure what cardio I was going to do… I had thought to run intervals on the treadmill but when I got there the bike seemed more appealing.

I got on the bike and did the following:

Spin Step ups, Level 8.
Warm up: 5 mins @+90rpm
3 mins @+90rpm   \
2 mins @+100rpm   > x 3
1 min @+110rpm   /
2 mins @+110rpm
Cool down: 5 mins @+80rpm

A good bit of cardio workout.  By the end I had worked hard and was ready for Insanity Day 10: Cardio Recovery.

Bike: 30 mins, 8 miles, 400 calories.
Ave HR: 131 (69%), Max HR: 154 (81%)

Insanity Day 10: Cardio Recovery

35 minutes of tough resistance work, balance work and stretching.  No Cardio, just control and conditioning.  Lunges, squats, plank work, oblique work, yoga stretches.

At one point my legs were burning so much I thought I was going to be sick!!  It was just as hard as the last time I did it a few weeks ago.

Insanity Day 10: Cardio Recovery.
35 mins, 300 calories.
Ave HR: 89 (47%), Max HR: 109 (57%)

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