Almost at 10,000 hits!

Well, my blog has almost received 10,000 hits…!  It should get to 10,000 hits on Wednesday I think.

The hit counter really started going up in May when my blog got 2,410 hits, then in June it got 2,475 and in July it got 2,380 hits.  That’s around 80 hits per day!

The busiest day was on May 26th when the blog got 154 hits.

Here are the top twelve pages which people have viewed:

Home page 2,129
Forearm strain 1,787
Iliotibial band friction syndrome 333
Clyde Stride 40 mile route 262
14k run along the new M74 Motorway 229
About Lorn 192
Not losing weight through running? 136
Do I use Dioralyte on race day or not?? 132
The wonders of Nike+ 106
Target Weight Calculator 102
Training Plans 101
Using Garmin to update your Nike+ runs…. 93

And here are the most frequent search terms which get people to the blog:

forearm muscles 410
forearm 210
iliotibial band 48
iliotibial band friction syndrome 41
how many weeks so far this year 2011 34
lorn pearson 29
iliotibial band syndrome 23
forearm muscles and tendons 17
clyde stride route 17
nike plus levels 15
m74 run 14
clydestride 14
tendons forearm 14
10k playlist 14
kettlebell tabata workouts 13

I’ve recently added a section on the blog where I’ll aim to answer questions which lead viewers to my blog, you can see the first one here (see it on the right hand side under Tools):

what people search on to get them to this blog
Popular Search Engine Terms #1

I’ll hopefully be updating this section in time with more questions and answers.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog:

  • What is it you come here for?
  • Are there any of my blog articles/pages you’d like to see more of?
  • What do you like about my blog?
  • What don’t you like about it?

Now is a good time to comment and I’ll see what I can do to make my blog even better.  😀

Thanks for visiting!!

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