Wk29 – Cycle, cylce, Insanity Day 9, cycle, walk in the sun :-)

Saturday morning and we decided we’d cycle to the gym then do a stint at the gym and Insanity Day 9 (Plyometric Cardio Circuits) then go for a cycle after it.

It was a nice morning as we cycled to Bella, then once we got there I went into the gym and did abut 40 minutes on an indoor bike.  I just cycled as I felt and didn’t have any sort of workout in place.

After the bike work I set up Inanity Day 9 in the extra room at the gym: Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  It was a little easier than the last time, but not by much and I really felt like I worked hard to get through it.

10 minutes warm up followed by complex plyometric circuits… the one that stood out was:

Basketball jumps
Level 1 drills (4 push ups, 4 mountain climbers, up, repeat)
Ski abs
In and outs

Oooft!  Hard work!!

Cycle to gym: 2M, 10 minutes, 100 calories.
Cycle in gym: 5.6M, 41 minutes, 400 calories.
Insanity day 9: 40 minutes, 350 calories.
Cycle in Pollock Park: 9M, 1:15, 800 calories.

After Insanity we packed up and got on our bikes.  We cycled to and around Pollock Park.  We had a nice wee rest by the river, then cycled home.  A really good morning of exercise.

Once we were home we showered we went to Lochwinnoch and went for lunch at the Hungry Monk.  I had a chicken salad which was brilliant!

It was such a nice day and we went to Castle Semple Loch where we went for a little walk and had an ice cream.

All in all a very eventful and nice day in the sun.


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