Wk29 – 11.7M Half Marathon training

Thursday night my new long run night and it went really well for me: another good practice at running (11.7 miles of) the Great Scottish Run half marathon route. The weather forecast in the morning was for rain overnight between Wednesday and Thursday, then it would clear up through Thursday – did it hell!

At 4pm it was grey outside and it was pouring down.  I thought my long run was going to be a (wet) repeat of last Thursday night.  By the time I got home just after 5 it had cleared a little and had stopped raining.

I did some ironing, and ate a mars bar for a wee boost. 😀

I left the flat just after twenty to 7.  I started out strongly, but did feel a bit of a strange tight feeling in my heels/achilies.

It seemed to wear of so that I didn’t notice it anymore.  The weather was weird as soon as I started I noticed drizzle on me, but no rain.  It was nice actually.  🙂  Ideal conditions for a run!

I didn’t have a pace plan, I just wanted to run and see what happened. I was a bit concerned when my first mile was under an 8 minute mile, thinking perhaps I’d gone out too fast, but it seems I’m comfortable at that pace now (used to be 8:30 was my comfortable pace).

I ran along Paisley Road West, into and out of Bellahouston Park then over to Dumbreck Road and into Pollock Park.  I like the wee hills in there and I think the downhills seemed to attribute to a strong 5th and 6th miles. 

At 6 miles I took on a caffiene energy gel and powered on.  Down through Eglington Toll towards the bit of the route I don’t like past the Gorbals and into Glasgow Green.  I’m not sure why I don’t like it, possibly because it’s a long bit of slightly uphill road and the wind is usually in your face, or more likely because I haven’t had enough practice on it.

I was thinkingto myself I would do 6 miles, then lower the pace for miles 6-9, but I stayed strong and continuted to run faster in the last 5 or 6 miles.  I love a good negative split run and I’d done it well.

I was able to stay strong throughout and finish strongly, rounding the run  up to 11.7 miles.

My average heart rate was 84% (max 91%), so even though I was going faster than I usually would, I think I may even have room to go even faster!?

Mars bar milkshake and water for recovery.  🙂

If I ran that pace for a half marathon it would be a pb 1:38:15… we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.

I’ve set up a training plan anyway.  It changes about my days a little, but perhaps it will do me good.

I certainly feel good today having done the majority of my training for the week, with Friday as a rest day, Saturday to do a little and Sunday off.  🙂

Run: 11.7M, 1:28:25, Pace: 7:30, 8mph, Calories: 1,175
Ave HR: 159 (84%), Max HR: 173 (91%)

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2 Responses to Wk29 – 11.7M Half Marathon training

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Oft! That’s swift. Nice work 🙂 x

    • lornpearson says:

      Thanks Debs… it felt swift… I don’t know what’s happened to me recently I’m running much faster since I pulled out of the Clyde Stride and had a rest from running. 🙂 I like it anyway, it makes the nice steady runs feel even better too!

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