Another nomination opportunity for London 2012 Torchbearer

Following on from my brother nominating me to carry the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 Olympics, I’m lucky enough to get another chance to be nominated.

My employer the BBC has 2 places available… I’m sure the competition will be stiff, but it’s worth a try.

Here’s what the internal comms says:

We are delighted to have two Torchbearer places and it is our intention to award these places to two employees who have made an outstanding contribution to help the community.
The Torchbearers will run with the Torch and will form part of the 8000 runners carrying the Torch around the UK. We are looking to celebrate every kind of community contribution. We know that every little bit counts and so we want to hear from everyone who has been making a difference.
The two successful employees will carry the Torch for approximately 300 metres on one day yet to be decided but it will be between 19 May and 26 July 2012.

So here is my nomination which a colleague has submitted for me:

Hopefully I’ll be in with a chance?!

Oh and thanks to Kevin McC for helping me with the nomination form.  😀

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