Wk29 Popular search engine terms that lead people to this blog

Recently I’ve been noticing the questions people put into search engines to come to this blog. Some are odd, some not so odd.

Like yesterday:

should i give blood if i am training for a triathalon

The answer is you can, you can maybe give it in a ‘rest and recovery week’ where you have lots of rest planned.

But ideally it’s a good idea to wait until after your big event to give blood.  Plan giving blood in your ‘off season’ if possible.  Giving blood affects your performance and you should rest for 1-5 days after giving blood (you’ll know how you feel).  Best to take it easy afterwards so don’t plan any big trainnig sessions for the few days after giving blood.

mars bars vs snickers healthier option?

None of the above! Eat a banana or an apple or cashew nuts (unsalted)!  lol

Well – mars bars help you work rest and play, and snickers have nuts in them and used to be called marathons.

Or down to the content, it depends what you want… Mars has more carbs, Snickers has more Protien and Fat:

One option for a healthier mars bar or snickers is to have a snack sized one… about 36g worth instead of 62g!

Oh.. and if you have a nut allergy… mars bars are the healthier option! 😉
And some from today:

i want to run a 10k in less than 60 minutes. how should i pace myself

To run a 10k in less than 60 minutes you would have to run each km at less than 6 minute kilometers (or 10kph).  In miles this is 6.2 miles per hour or 9:40 minute miles. 

As long as you run each mile in less than 9:40, or each km in less than 6 minutes you’ll acheive your goal.

This was my negative split pace strategy to aim to get a sub 45 minute 10k: 10k race strategy and I made myself a pace band for the day: Pace band for the 10k sorted

( Add 2 minutes – 2:25 ish onto the times on the page and you should do the 10k in under an hour )

and a similar one:

how to run 3 miles in 30 minutes on treadmill

Set the treadmill to 6 – 6.2mph (9.7 – 10kph) and run.
(To get kms from miles times the miles by 1.61, to get miles from km divide the km by 1.61)

need to lose weight but don’t have enough time in the day

Make time!!  I got up at 6:30 today to do exercise.  And I’m up at least 4 times a week early to do it.

Don’t watch telly – do exercise instead. I do between 7 – 9 hours of exercise a week, burning between 4000-7000 a week.  If you make it part of your life, it can make a difference.

If you struggle to make time: Arrange to meet someone at a set time, join a club (running, sports, walking, whatever).  Do it as a family.  Walk instead of taking the car/bus/tube.

I take the stairs, I walk places, I choose to be active instead of making excuses.

A bit harsh perhaps?  If you really don’t have time (commuting, family, work)… then look at your diet and see if there are things in it which are bad which can be replaced by fruit, veg and nuts.

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Other things people have searched this week include:

How many weeks this year so far?

29 so far, we’re in the 30th (I lost a week somewhere I think).

See the table below:

clyde stride route

Clyde Stride 40 mile route

There are maps there, links and a garmin route too.

clyde stride results 2011
 Go here for the results:  http://clydestride.webnode.com/
nike plus levels

 The wonders of Nike+

upload garmin runs to nikeplus

Using Garmin to update your Nike+ runs….

is insanity cardio power and resistance hard
Yes, Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance is hard… try it!! 🙂


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