Wk29 – 5M Pollock Park wi Gill

Wednesday morning and I’d arranged a run with Gill from Bellahouston again.  My IT band has been fine luckily so I was ok to run with her.  She wants to try and run faster and today I thought I’d see if she could push it a bit more on the last 2 miles again.

We started just after half 6 and had a good chat on the way round.  The weather was stunning again, bright sunshine, but it was a little chilly.

Gill did the following min mile paces and succeeded in making the last two miles her fastest which was good.  She had thought she was running slowly on the last mile, but she did well.


Run: 5.03M, 46:40, Pace: 9:17, 6.5mph, Calories: 505.
Ave HR: 133 (70%) Max HR: 147 (77%)


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