Wk29 – 21 min cycle then Insanity Day 8: Pure Cardio

Wednesday night and I went to the gym after work.  It was a scorching 31’C when I got into the car which had been parked up all day.

Luckily by the time I drove to Bella it was at a more realistic 24’C, but it was still very warm and sunny.  So hot in fact, I  managed to leave my passenger window wide open when I parked at Bella and was in there for over an hour.  Luckily no one decided to steal my car or anything from it. 😉  Phew.


I did a short version of my Spin Step Ups bike workout.  I got on the bike in the gym and did the following:

Level 8, 21 mins, 5.65M.
4 mins warm up @ +90rpm
3 mins @ +90rpm
2 mins @ + 100rpm
1 min @ +110rpm
1 min @ 80rpm (recovery)
3 mins @ +90rpm
2 mins @ + 100rpm
1 min @ +110rpm
4 mins @+90rpm (recovery)

Ave HR: 130 (69%), Max HR: 153 (81%), Calories: 230.

By the end I was sweating a lot, nice and warmed up for Insanity Day 8: Pure Cardio.

It seemed harder than the last time I did it.  But that is clearly got to do with my sore quads from the 8.5 hour hill walk on Sunday…(ouch!)

The warm up was 3 repeats of:
Jumping Jacks
Heismans 123
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Mummy Kicks

The butt kicks were hard on my quads but apart from that it was ok.

The main workout consists of 15 moves (done for one minute each):
■ Suicide Jumps
■ Switch kicks
■ Wide football sprints
■ Stance Jacks
■ Pedal
■ Hooks and Jump rope
■ Power jacks
■ Level 2 drills
■ Frog Jumps
■ Power Knees
■ Mountain Climbers
■ Ski Down
■ Scissor Runs
■ Suicide Jumps
■ Push up jacks

Tough work!

Insanity Day 8: Pure Cardio, 40 mins
Ave HR: 121 (64%), Max HR: 146 (77%), Calories: 336.

a wee glasgow sunset for you....Wednesday night before the rain

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