Wk29 – Insanity Day 7: Cardio Power & Resistance (plus stretching)

After the 8.5 hour hill climb on Sunday I was tired.  Most of me felt ok, but my quads were sore and I was just plain tired from all that walking on Sunday.

I’d thought about taking Monday as a rest day, but I figured I could just skip the usual Monday morning run and go to the gym on Monday night for our usual Insanity workout (and nothing else).

By the time 5pm on Monday came my quads had tightened a bit more so I decided a bit of stretching was in order before I attempted Insanity Day 7: Cardio Power and Resistance.

Once in the gym I took it easy and went straight to the mats.  I did some quads stretches, some slow lunges and some other stretches. Then I got on the power plate and got one of the gym instructors to lean on my legs when I was lying with my quads on the vibrating plate.

He did it twice for about a minute each and it was SO good!  I actually screamed out loud a bit at one point!

Insanity Day 7: Cardio Power and Resistance

We’d done this workout before so we knew what we were in for.

About 10 minutes of warm up, then stretching, then into the workout – 40 minutes in all.

We decided we’d take it as easily as we needed to as our quads were still a little sore.  We still worked hard and at the end of it I was pleased I’d mustered up the effort to do it.  Sweat was dripping from me at one point! 8-S

Insanity Day 7: 40 mins, Calories: 350
Ave HR: 116 (61%) Max HR: 145 (76%)

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