Wk28 – Saturday: Spin, Insanity Day 6, Run

I’m writing this a bit back to front as I wanted to get Sunday’s hill walk up and hadn’t got around to getting what I did on Saturday up so here goes:

Up early on Saturday, I was at Bellahouston for 8am and on the spin bike.  Similar to last week, I did an hour on the spin bike varying between hill work, speed work, strength work.


It was such a lovely day that I had been tempted to go for an hours run, but I decided that I should keep up my plan of cross training and keep off from running too much after the last few weeks.

I’d added in a few songs from last week and taken some out, but all in all the tracks were good.  Eminem, Foo Fighters, Adele (strength again ‘let it burn!’).

Spin: 1 hour, Ave HR 146 (76%), Max HR: 166 (87%), Calories: approx 700.


After that I went upstairs to do Insanity Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuits.  My second attempt at it.  And although it was a bit easier (because we knew it a little  by now) it was still hard work.

I wrote a review of what it entails on Saturday. Quite a lot for just a wee 40 minute session!

Insanity Day 6: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
40 mins, Ave HR: 126 (66%), Max HR: 150 (79%), Calories: approx 370


After Insanity and the spin work I was pretty tired, but with the nice weather I thougth it was a good chance to run home. 

I took it slow and steady and just enjoyed it.  My legs felt pretty heavy at the start but after the end of the second mile I managed to muster up enough to pick up the pace a little on the last 0.4 miles.

Run: 2.4M, 20:18, Pace: 8:28, 7.1mph, Calories: 236.
Ave HR: 139 (73%), Max HR: 155 (82%)

All finished for about 10:40 in the morning on Saturday.  😀

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