Wk28 – 1.86M Stair repeats then Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio

Wednesday night and I went to Bellahouston park after work. I was going to do a 20 minute warm up run before ‘Insanity Day 5’ and I thought I’d mix it up a bit by doing hill or stair repeats.

I did a hill workout at the start of January which gave me the idea to do some stair repeats as a warm up.

Perhaps I’ll revisit that workout in the next few weeks, see how I get on.

photo taken in January 2011

Anyway, back to Wednesday night, I ran to the stairs in Bella Park. They are about 100m up and by the time I’d done about 2 repeats of them I met our friend Louise.  She was doing them too but said she was tired.  I stopped and chatter to her, then got on with it.

After I’d done about 10 repeats, Louise came back to join me.  I got to my 13th repeat and my 20 minutes was just about up, I told her that it was my last one, and she made me do another one!!  I sped up the uphill to try and catch her and my heart rate peaked… I then took it slowly down and we jogged back to the leisure centre.

Run: 1.86M 13 stair repeats, 22:11, Pace: 11:55, Calories: 169.
Ave HR: 148 (78%), Max HR: 173 (91%)

Nice pretty graph: 😉

After the run Louise joined me in meeting my friend when we went into the workout room in Bella so that we could do Insanity Day 5.  I was initially just going to show Louise the DVD and DVD player, but she decided to stay for the 40 minute workout that was Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio!

Pure Cardio was good and hard work.   You start out with an intense 10 minute warm-up consisting of running, jumping jacks, heisman, 1-2-3 heisman, butt kicks, high knees, and mummy kicks (repeated 3 times). Then you have about 7 minutes of intense stretching, and then finally it’s time for the main workout!

Then we went right into the Pure Cardio part for about 15 minutes.

The main workout consists of 15 moves (done for one minute each). Here is the list:
■ Suicide Jumps
■ Switch kicks
■ Wide football sprints
■ Stance Jacks
■ Pedal
■ Hooks and Jump rope
■ Power jacks
■ Level 2 drills
■ Frog Jumps
■ Power Knees
■ Mountain Climbers
■ Ski Down
■ Scissor Runs
■ Suicide Jumps
■ Push up jacks

It was tough, but I enjoyed it.

Louise seemed to like it too. 😀

Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio: 40 minutes
Ave HR: 130 (68%), Max HR: 160 (84%)

Insanity Day 5 HR graph

 My heart rate was pretty constant on day 5 (Max Interval training)  in comparison to Day 4  (Cardio Recovery) where we had a lot of rest and recovery:

Heart rate graph for Insanity Day 4

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