Wk28 – 5M Pollock Park wi Gill

Wednesday morning, before I woke up I was dreaming that I was running in a race, a route i’d already done, somewhere different, but one that I managed to get lost on.  I was the leader of the race, but somehow I managed to get lost and went way off course and managed to lose the whole thing.  :-/  Not that I’ve ever been in the lead in a race… but hey ho.

I awoke at 6am to a text from Gill who I was meant to be running with at 6:30am.

The text read ‘it’s pretty wet outside, you still want to go out?‘  When ever did a little bit of rain stop me eh?  I looked out and it didn’t look too bad. 

I actually like running in the rain.  It’s refreshing, keeps you cool and I think it makes me want to go faster (to get out of it!).  It makes you appreciate the days when the weather is good.  Perhaps this is an early start to Autumn? Or perhaps it’s just still Summer (and a pretty crappy one at that!)  Or perhaps it’s just teh West coast of Scotland in July!!

I’d never let a bit of rain put me off from a run outside.  You just need to think about what you’re wearing so you don’t get drenched, but you’re not roasting either.

I noticed two ‘facebook friends’ the other day swapped their planned outside run for some gym work as it was ‘raining’.  Rubbish!! Get out there and run man.  One excuse was that he didn’t want to get his iphone wet (and he always runs to music on his iphone)… mmmmm.  The other person just didn’t want to run in the rain.  Embrace it I say!!

This morning I wore a vest top with a long sleeved top over it, and some thigh length shorts.  I possibly could have worn a water proof over my vest shirt, to keep the wind and rain off me, but the long sleeved top seemed to work.

Today was the longest run I was going to try since I got injured and although I was concious of my knee, it wasn’t sore and I didn’t get any niggles from it.

We ran out usual 5 mile loop from Bella, and although it was a bit slower than some of our previous runs, the pacing was more consistent and Gill seemed to push on when she was finding it tough (instead of stopping and walking like she maybe would have done before).

She had a quick stretch of her calf in mile two which made that split 30 seconds longer, but apart from that we ran very consistently and it was a good start to the day.

Run: 5 miles, 48:36, (Moving) Pace: 9:35, 6.2mph, Calories: 498.
Ave HR: 139 (73%) Max HR: 182 (96%)

Tonight we have a warm up run, then Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio, which is meant to be tough.  Bring it on!!

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