New Saucony Paramount 3s

At the start of this year I was converted to buying a pair of Saucony Paramount 3 trainers.  I liked them so much that I bought a second pair a few weeks later… so that I could alternate them during my marathon training.

What do I like about them?

  1. They are the most comfy and supportive running trainers I’ve ever bought.
  2. They have a bit in the tongue where you can store stuff (nike plus chip / money)
  3. They have ‘Comfortemp’ upper which regulates your feet temperature.
  4. They are an excellent fit.
  5. They have a ‘flexion’ plate which apparently makes your running stride more efficient… ?!

Here’s a cheesy American video telling you all about them (flexion plate etc):

Here are my trainers as they are now:

1st pair of Saucony Paramount 3s - used more and in rainy weather

2nd pair of Saucony Paramount 3s - wore for the marathon and 31 mile run

The second pair look better, they are less splashed with mud, and the on the first pair the part where I put my heel in is starting to wear away.  But I think I have worn the second pair more and they feel like they are ‘done’.

Tonight I managed to get a pair from Sport for £75… 44% off Saucony Lady ProGrid Paramount 3 Running Shoes picture 1the RRP of £135.  Not bad… I think they are on their way out (new more expensive replacement styles coming in) so I thought it would be a good idea to get a pair now.  I was going to wait until I went to the US in September, but I felt like this was a good price and worth shelling the money out for.

I just need to decide which of the two pairs above I’m going to get rid of now!

Oh and I usually shop at, but I tried them.  They had them on sale for about £96.  I placed the order a few weeks ago for a size 7, and they let the order go through, but then they emailed me to say they couldn’t fulfil the order…. and here’s a voucher for £9.96 for the inconvenience….. how good is that??!

Under Armour Ladies Escape Lightweight 1/4 Zip Top AW10So I bought this rather bright top… I was going to get a white version, but I thought what the hell… yellow it is… and for just £5 (including the voucher I was given).  Wiggle are great!

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