Wk28 – 4.35M Run then Insanity Day 4

I was really looking forward to my run outside after work on Monday night.  It would be my first run outside for about 3 weeks.  I’ve been building up slowly (from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes on the treadmill) since I experienced issues with my IT band on a 31 mile run and a 4.2 mile run and felt that now I was ready to get back outside again.

I had my garmin on as usual and had my Nike plus and my nano.  Because I’d turned my garmin GPS off for indoor activities it took a while for the GPS to sync, so I was hanging aruond waiting for it to activate…when all I wanted to do was run!

Technology all connected I started my run.  The weather was good and I felt good.  I had planned between 4-5 miles, and decided I’d do a 4 mile loop into Pollock Park that my friend Jackie sometimes does.

I ran the first mile and noticed that my pace was higher than normal, up around 8.5mph.  I felt comfortable so I kept going.  I was sitting thinking how nice it was to be running outside.  Much better than on the treadmill… then I swallowed a small fly.  It’s still better running outside I think.

I felt strong and loose as I ran into Pollock Park.  I was concious of my knee but luckily I didn’t feel any pain in it what so ever.

As I was running out of Pollock Park, Stanley the squirrel ran across my path to the base of a tree I was about to run past.  And instead of running up the tree like I thought he would, he ind of played about a bit and almost ran under my feet!  Silly little beggar!  It was quite funny anyway.  And I managed to not step on him!

I ran back to Bellahouston and finished strongly with a 7 minute mile pace.  I had pushed it, but I’d been able to and I’d put no real pressure on myself to go fast.  I felt great!!

I was actually thinking that perhaps the cross training and bike and circuits work had perhaps helped make me stronger (cardio wise) to allow me to push myself on my run.

Great to be back running strongly and great to be running outside.

I went upstairs to meet my friend in the gym, and I collapsed on the mat next to her.  Resting before we did Insanity Day 4: Cardio Recovery (!! perhaps just what I needed!)

Run: 4.35M, 32:24, Pace: 7:26, 8.1mph, Calories: 434.
Ave HR: 157 (83%). Max HR: 172 (91%)

After the run we went into the Function Suite and set up Insanity Day 4.  I knew it was going to be a ‘recovery’ session so less cardio, more balance and stregnth work so I was glad I’d worked that little bit harder on my run.

There were planks, squats, lunges, balance work, yoga stretches – all actually quite challenging and at some points really sore on the legs!!

All good anyway.

Insanity Day 4: Cardio Recovery
35 minutes, Ave HR: 94 (50%), Max HR: 112 (59%)

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