July – August Training Plan

In the last post I said I would be including runs again into my training.  In the last 3 weeks since I injured my IT band on my 31 mile run, I’ve only really been doing short runs up to 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Everything seems to have settled down luckily.

So with 7 weeks until the Great Scottish Half Marathon, I’m going to start running outside again! Woo hoo! 

I’ve not much of a specific running plan, only that I will run outside 3 times a week:

    • one short (to start the week off)
    • one medium (probably hills/speed/tempo work) and
    • one long run (specific to the route).

            Last year I ran the

Great Scottish run as Super Girl

          , this year I’ll just run it as me I think… no pressure on times. I’m just going to run it and see how I get on.  🙂  Perhaps this break from running will have done me good!?

In my training, my long runs will be as follows (route specific means aim to run part or all of the Great Scottish Half Marathon route):

Wk28 wc 18/07 – 7.6 miles (route specific)
Wk29 wc 25/07 – 9.35 miles (route specific)
Wk30 wc 01/08 – 11.7 miles (route specific)
Wk31 wc 08/08 – 14 miles (route specific)
Wk32 wc 15/08 – 14 miles (possibly route specific)
Wk33 wc 22/08 – 11.7 miles (route specific)
Wk34 wc 29/08 – Great Scottish Run 13.1 miles

Here’s an example of a route specific route:

9.25M Half Marathon prep

I’ll also include some bike work, spin work, one session of circuits and three sessions of Insanity:

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