Wk27 – 60 min Spin, Insanity Day 3

Saturday morning and I was up early to get to Bella gym at 8am.  I got on a spin bike in the empty spin studio again… same as last week.  Luckily today I sat on a bike which was close to a sensor in the ceiling, so the lights stayed on this time. 😉 (The lights automatically go off if two sensors in the room don’t sense movement.)

I put on my circuits playlist and did an hour workout on the bike.  The only song which didn’t really work was another Jessie J song, I’ve reworked the playlist so that it is hopefully better for next week.

Keep on Rising – Running Trax
Night Air – Jamie Woon
This = Love – The Script
Lose Yourself – Eminem
Club Can’t handle me – Flo Rida
Sweat – Snoop Dogg
Bright Lights Bigger City – Cee Lo Green
Set Fire to the Rain – Adele (slow but good to do strength to)
Changed the way you are – Example
Faster Kill Pussy Cat – Brittany Murphy
Promise This – Cheryl Cole (45 mins)
Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Clubbed to Death – Ministry of sound (1 hour)

I forgot to put the fan on, and was sweating a lot by about 10 minutes in.  A lifeguard popped his head in about half an hour in and I asked him to turnthe fan on, but I don’t think it did much.

It was a good bike workout anyway, and since I’d cycled for an hour, I equated that to 16.8 miles (the same as what I did on Thursday night), which means I’ve met my 365 miles challenge.  🙂

Bike: 16.8 miles, 60 minutes, Ave HR: 146 (77%), Max HR: 165 (87%), Calories: 712.

After the sweaty bike workout I went upstairs to set up for Insanity Day 3, Cardio Power & Resistance.

It was the usual 10-15 minute warm up of a circuit of about 8 exercises (repeated 3 times, each time faster).

Then we went on to do 3 repeats of another circuit of 4 exercises (power jumps, high kicks from squats, floor touches, raised press ups) – then another circuit of a few exercises and a few resistance workouts (triceps, squats, shoulders) .

It was hard work again, but definately a good workout. This will give you an idea of what it was all about:

Insanity Day 3 – Cardio Power & Resistance: Ave HR: 130, Max HR: 158, Calories: 370

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