Week 27 totals…

After this weeks training… the introduction of Insanity, more cycling and a bit more running, I have a sore bit I’ve never had before!! (muscle at the top of my calves, behind my knees).

Here’s what I’ve done this week:

Monday AM: 45 minutes on bike, 12.5 miles; Calories: 465
Monday PM: 30 min run, 3.6 miles. Insanity Fit Test; Calories: 600
Tuesday PM: Double Spinfit; Calories: 1,000
Wednesday PM: 25 min run, 3.2 miles. Insanity Day 2, 45 mins on bike, 11.3 miles; Calories: 1,315
Thursday AM: 15 min run, 1.7 miles, 30 mins circuits, PM: 1:15 bike (21 miles), 1 hour basketball: Calories: 1,893
So far, total hours training: 8:15; Calories: 5,237.
(Plus I walked to or from work 4 times: 2.4 miles. Calories: approx 175.)

5,412 calories (9:15 hours) for the week so far… add on Saturday’s training…

50 min cycle, 30 min run, 40 min Insanity: 1,320 calories.

Total hours training for the week: 11:15!  Total calories: 6,732.

Is it any wonder I’m eating more and still a little hungry?! 🙂

The other effect from (I think Insanity) this week is a bit of a sore bit at the top of my calves behind my knees. I think it’s from Insanity on Wednesday night… just needs a bit of stretching and TLC I think. 🙂

Time for my snack now. 😀

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