Wk27 – 21M Cycle then Basketball

Thursday night and I made it over to Tollcross for about half 6. There were no bikes available so I got on a treadmill, only for the lady on the bike behind me to get off the bike – it was mine now! The machine was annoying set to 30 minutes, so I changed it (I know someone who told me how to change the time limit).

I think these are the steps to change the time limit on a Precor machine (treadmill or bike):
You press: Reset
Then immediately key in 5651565
Then Enter (I think)
Then use the white keys to flick through the options to set the max speed workout to 60 minutes.

I’d already done 15 minutes cycling (4.2 miles) by the time I figured out how to do it, and I decided I’d be able to fit in an hour of cycling before playing basketball. That would be about 21 miles towards my 37.5 miles remaining for me to get 365 miles before Sunday… I figured I should just plough on and do my best to do as much as I could tonight.

I was on the bike, up in the mezzanine area. Basically it’s a weights floor, where lots of men congregate and there are a few cardio machines too (which are usually empty). There were between 8 and 14 guys in front of me on the wee landing…and when it was busiest (x14), I’m sure there were only about 4 guys actually doing any work. The rest of them were either:
A. Watching their mate do the work.
B. Resting.
C. On the phone.
D. Chatting in a wee huddle.
E. Looking in the mirror flexing their muscles. lol

And most of them were also either lifting weights that were too heavy for them, or hardly working at all. Guys are funny in the gym. 😉

After about 45 minutes, my legs were starting to feel tired, but I was adamant that I was doing the 1:15. I had some good tunes on and just powered on… and sweated a lot again. :-S It was a good workout.

My 365 mile challenge is now drawing to a close, and after the cycle tonight I have completed 348.49 miles, and have 16.51 miles to go. I figure if I cycle for about 50 minutes on Saturday, that’ll be 14 miles, then 30 minutes running (3.6 miles approx) will bring me over the 365 mile mark!

Anyway, back to tonight, after the bike I freshened up a bit (but was well sweaty), and went and played basketball.

Bike: Level 8, +85rpm, 21 miles, 1:15, 16.8mph, Calories: 768.Ave HR: 135 (71%), Max HR: 145 (77%).

Usually Christine takes it and it’s more of a recreational game with a lot of fun and laughs. But tonight and old coach Bobbie was there and he was keen to show us the rules and provide us with some feedback on how we played. It was good to get feedback and I tried to take it on board, but it’s different to how we normally play it.

Caroline and Kirsten were there (long term players from when I used to play) and it was them two, me, Naadra and Bart on one team against Anita, Ross, Christine, Anna and a new girl Lorna. We won all the games, but some of them were close. I missed a few shots again, but I got a few good ones in including a (rather jammy) hook shot. 🙂

Basketball: 1 hour, approx 600 calories.

After basketball I drank a (mcdonalds) milkshake…I figured I deserved it, plus my calves were feeling a bit tight. After that I counted up all of the calories I burned today (roughly)… and it comes close to 2,000 calories!! :-O Wey hey! So I’ve decided I’m taking my rest day on Friday after all!

Total calorie burn for the day: 525 + 768 + 600 + 100 = 1,993!
(Walk to and from work: 1.2 miles, 24 mins, approx 100 calories.)
Total workout time: 15 mins, 30 mins, 1:15, 1 hour = 3 hours!

And now I stink again!!! :-O Better get in that shower.

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