365 mile challenge

8 weeks ago inline with the training plan I set up for the Clyde Stride ultramarathon I set myself the challenge of running 365 miles before the 17th July.  I made the mistake of setting the mileage at the top of the range of miles I was going to run, which left not a lot of room for missing training runs, or adding on extra rest days.

I set up the challenge on Nike plus and on Facebook and a few facebook friends joined.  My brother Ewen is aiming to bike 2000km on his indoor bike, my brother Neil has taken up the challenge of running 365 miles and a fellow entrant to the Clyde Stride Dave Lord has already completed the challenge.

5 weeks into my training plan my injury scuppered my challenge as I had to more or less stop running for the last three weeks of the training period!

Last week after having quite a bit of rest from exercise, I decided I would throw in everything I had, and since I had changed my runs to cycles, I would start counting my bike miles as well as my run miles.  Safe to say my fellow competitors weren’t too pleased with my idea, but I figured it was my challenge and I’d changed my training plan, so my challenge could change too. You have to be flexible in training – right?  😉

Now with 5 days to go, I have run and cycled 311.3 miles and have 54 miles to go.  And I should just about make it if I stick to the following plan:

And if I’m really stuck I can always throw in an extra cycle or run on Sunday.

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