Replacement clip for my Veho muvi camera

A few weeks ago when we cycled to Luss I made the mistake of dropping my wee Veho Muvi camera. The camera was fine and still works, but the very handy clip broke at the top!

I was gutted! It makes it so easy to store and use. And now I’d rendered the clip useless.

When I got home I emailed Veho and asked I’d they’d be good enough to send me a replacement clip. And they did!! Free of charge! How good us that!

I went to the Veho Support Centre and clicked on Ask an Expert and they got back to me pretty sharpish! One week later and I have a new, free replacement clip!

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4 Responses to Replacement clip for my Veho muvi camera

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the tip! My clip broke recently, so I’ll give this a try.
    Wish me luck!

  2. Jeff says:

    Update: not so lucky here. I was directed to their shop, which doesn’t take Amex, my only credit card.

    “You can purchase additional clips from our site at I hope this helps.
    Kind regards,
    Technical Advisor”

    Oh well…

  3. carlos says:

    OH Thanks
    That link is just what i needed it.

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