Wk26 – Bike, Insanity Fit test, Run

Saturday the plan was to do about an hour of cardio plus the Insanity Fitness test. The plan was 45 minutes on the bike, then the fit test, then maybe 15 minutes of running, or up to 30 minutes if there was no pain.


Instead of going on the Precor bikes in the gym, I asked if there was a spin class on (hoping there wasn’t) and if I could go into the spin room. I feel I get a better workout from the spin bikes. I got in the room behind the open door, but unfortunately the lights are movement sensitive so if there isn’t someone moving about in the room in a particular point, the lights go off. So I spent most of the 48 minutes I spent on the bike almost in darkness. I didn’t mind though. There was enough light coming in through the door.

I put on my 10k playlist and started… switching between speed, hill, running and strength spinning.

Here’s the playlist I had on:

Proud – Heather Small
Keep on RIsing – Running Trax
Clubbed to Death – MInistry of Sound
Promise This – Cheryl Cole
I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
Long Gone and Moved On – The Script
Price Tag – Jessie J ( too slow )
Lose Yourself – Eminem
Ambitions – Jo McElderry
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters

I was dripping with sweat from about half way through…and working hard. A good spin session – I possibly worked even harder than when I’m in Helen’s class!! I might make up another sound track for next Saturday morning. 🙂

Bike: 45 mins, 19.2 miles, Calories: 583
Ave HR: 151 (80%), Max HR: 171 (90%)

After that I went up to the empty room next to the gym and set up my portable DVD player with the Isanity Fitness Test on it. I’ve never really done DVD workouts, but I think I might just get into this one and like it,… fingers crossed.

There was a warm up, then 8 exercises to see how many repetitions you can do in 1 minute. The idea is you do the test again after a few weeks and see your improvement. I did it today just to see what it was like and will do it again on Monday night for real. Here’s what I did today:

INSANITY FIT TEST 1 : 09/07/11: 26 minutes
Switch Backs – 71
Power Jacks – 45
Power Knees – 82
Power Jumps – 43
Globe Jumps – 11
Suicide Jumps – 11
Push Up Jacks – 24
Low Plank Oblique – 60
Ave HR: 127 (67%)
Max HR: 165 (87%)
Calories: 240.

I found the last 3 exercises pretty hard…. possibly because of where they came in the routine, but possibly because they are challenging too. It’s my first test though…so it should all improve. I felt good after it anyway, and I was glad it was only for 26 minutes!


After the fit test, I put my DVD player etc away in a locker and went on to the treadmill for a test run. About 10 days ago I ran 4.2 miles and after 3 miles the pain kicked in in my knee. I’d done a few 10 and 15 minute runs since then, and have been doing a lot of bike work and leg strengthening work, so wanted to see how I’d get on with a run.

I’m pleased to say, I ran comfortably and strongly for 30 minutes or 3.8 miles with no pain.

I ran the following:

10 minutes: 7.0mph
10 minutes: 7.3mph
2:30 minutes: 7.8mph
2:30 minutes: 8.1mph
2:30 minutes: 8.4mph
2:30 minutes: 8.7mph

I didn’t feel any pain what so ever in my leg(s) and felt good and strong throughout. I’ve obviously kept my fitness level up over the last few weeks. I’ve been being careful in not raising my speed up in previous runs, keeping the speed at about 7mph, but today I felt strong enough to experiment a little. Perhaps some interval sessions will be on the cards soon.

I’m very pleased, but I’m still going to take another few weeks concentrating on things other than running to continue to give me a break and only run short distances (up to 30 minutes) when I fancy it. It’s nice not to have pressure to run at X speed or run Y distance because I feel like I have to for my training plan!

Run: 30 minutes, 3.8 miles, 7.6mph, 7:53 minute miles, Calories: 353
Ave HR: 145 (77%), Max HR: 167 (88%).

A really good 2 hour workout to end a good week of training. 😀

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