Wk26 – Bike, Leg Strengthening and a return to Basketball

The plan for Thursday night was to do an hour of cardio (mixture of bike and treadmill running) and then my IT band rehab workout of 11-12 exercises.

I got my haircut after work, had a bite to eat and headed over to Tollcross Leisure Centre. I was in the gym and on a bike by 630pm.

20110708-062351.jpgThe bike was annoyingly restricted to 35 minutes, so I decided I’d do 30 mins plus the 5 minute cool down at level 9. I did a steady pace between 80-90rpm.

By the end I worked hard to complete 10.17 miles in 35 minutes, and was sweating a lot as usual.

Bike: 35 mins, 10.17 miles, 400 calories.
Ave HR: 135, Max HR: 156

After that I went onto the leg strengthening exercises of my IT band rehab workout for about an hour, 3 repeats of each:

Ball squat (1 minute)
Single leg squat (30 secs each leg)
Walt Reynolds ITB special (70 right leg, 35 left)
Forward lunge (20 reps each side)
Side lunge (20 reps each side)
Single leg hip raise (20 reps each side)
Flutter kicks (20 reps)
Donkey kicks (30 reps left leg, 40 right leg)
Lateral leg raises (30-45 reps each leg)
Clam shells (30-45 reps each leg)
Iron cross (10 reps each side)

By the time I got to the dingle leg hip raise I was starting to tire, but tried to stick with it.

ITB rehab workout: 60 mins, 300 calories.

The plan after that was to do 15-25 minutes running on the treadmill, but I had other options open to me.

There’s a regular ladies recreational basketball team that plays at Tollcross at 8 on a Thursday night, and I’d timed it ideally to play.

I used to play, maybe a year and a half ago but I got injured when I went over my ankle one night. It took me out from running for about 6-8 weeks.

So I joined them, just for the warm up, I said. But there was 4v5 with me there, and I was thinking I can get my run in and have a bit of fun too.  As usual I ran about like an idiot… it’s a really good workout… 😀

I was on the 5 team and we lost the first two games and won the last two. I scored a few, and missed a few. It was a good game and good to see the crowd again.

Basketball: 60 mins, won 2- lost 2, 600 calories.

Had a for goodness shake milkshake when I got in, and now I’m actually stinking. Off for a shower and look forward to a rest day tomorrow. 🙂

I’ll add some photos tomorrow x

Oh and I drove home on the new M74 motorway extension. Sun setting in the west, 10 minutes door to door. Brilliant!




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