Wk26 – 11.8M Spin Step Ups

This morning I managed to get to the gym just after 630am for a bike workout.  It was pouring outside… proper Glasgow rain which has been promised to us for a while now… big low pressure will be hanging about for a while I think = pouro!


Spin Step Ups – Level 7-8
46 minutes, 11.8 miles, 580 calories
10 mins warm up – level 8: +90rpm
3 x 3 mins @ +90rpm, 2 mins @ + 100rpm, 1 min @ +110rpm – level 8
2 x 3 mins @ +90rpm, 2 mins @ + 100rpm, 1 min @ +110rpm – level 7
6 mins cool down – level 7: +90rpm

It was a good challenging workout.  I did feel a bit of a twinge in the inside of my right knee after about 20 minutes… not sure what it was, but it eased off anyway.  I was sweato as usual… dripping in fact… and I thought women aren’t meant to sweat??  Well I do in the gym!

I’m getting my head around not running in the morning, and I hope I don’t get bored of the bike.  I’ll try and mix it up a bit with different workouts and easy long workouts too. 

Once again I listened to my 10k playlist for the workout then plugged up to a bit of BBC Breakfast in the cool down.

I wore my garmin again and got the following results (and HR graph):
@+90rpm: 130 – 135 (71%)
@+100rpm: 140 – 145 (77%)
@+110rpm: up to 152 (80%)
Ave HR: 130 (68%).

Looking forward to a wee night off tonight before another set of circuits tomorrow morning.  🙂

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