Wk25 – 36M cycle to Luss Highland Games

On Saturday we left Glasgow at around half nine in the morning.  As forecasted, it was a beautiful morning her in Glasgow.  Sun splitting the skies.

It was the day that the Orange Order take their bands and walk through Glasgow and past our flat, so we were glad to get out of the city.  There can be a lot of drink fueled disturbance following it… already at 930am the pubs locally were busy and the street was lined with onlookers waiting for the parade. I was just glad to be getting away!  🙂

We cycled over the Bells Bridge, and up towards Loch Lomond… through Yoker, up to Clydebank, along the canal up towards Bowling.  From then I recognised the route as the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon route (back to front) which was pretty good. Through Dumbarton, up to Renton and along the Leven to Alexandria and Balloch.

We stopped at the big bike in Clydebank where the cycle path goes onto the canal path. I think it was a bit big for me. 😛

At Balloch after about 2 hours we stopped off and had a wee chicken roll and apple and watched the pedal boats and kayaks at Lomond Shores.  These two cats (Asda and Jasper) travel everywhere with us just for a laugh and we snap photos of them when ever we’re on adventures out and about).

They had a bit of a fright when they met Mary the cow half way… lol

We’d left the car at Balloch the night before, so the plan was to cycle onto the Luss Highalnd games, then cycle back to the car.  It was about 7 miles to Luss from Balloch.   I don’t really like the route too much, it’s a bit too close to the road, but the track itself is ok, veering off into the trees at points, and undulating a bit to give you a bit of a challenge.  The cycle route was really nice from about Yoker up to Balloch.

At the Luss Highland games we tied up our bikes and walked around for a bit.  Past all the stalls until we finally decided on getting another bite to eat.   I had a rather tasty haggis bap… yum.  We watched the events, races and heavyweight events and did a bit of people watching too.

Then we unhooked the bikes and cycled back to Balloch.

Cycle: 36 miles, 4 hours, 2400 calories approx.
Glasgow to Luss
Luss to Balloch 

All in all a great day out.  It was a bit tough cycling back to Balloch, but I just took my time. I did feel a bit of knee pain, but I’m pretty sure it was just the kind of pain I usually get when I cycle over 20 – 25 miles on a bike.

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