Wk25 Summary

I thought I’d give a wee run down of my rest and recovery week which has been forced upon me following getting injured on my 31 mile run to Wick.

Wk25 of this year has consisted of:

Monday: 13:30 minute run on the treadmill (felt a niggle in my knee so stopped)
30 minutes Circuits (10 exercises, 4 reps each, 30:15 work:rest)
15 minutes Leg Strengthening Exercises

Tuesday: Double Spinfit (felt pain in knee after 1:15, not sure if it was from circuits the night before though)

Wednesday: 4.24M run (felt pain in knee at 3.1M)

Thursday: 30 minutes Circuits (10 exercises, 4 reps each, 30:15 work:rest)

Friday: Rest Saturday: 26 – 30M cycle from Glasgow to Luss for the Luss Highland Games

Sunday: Rest / gardening

It was a bit of a strange week… I was thinking about things, about nutrition and where I’m going to go next with my training. I think the answer is to forget about running for a while (4-6 weeks) and continue to do cardio in the form of Bike work (indoor mainly) and the Insanity Workout and see how I get on.

I also felt that I wasn’t getting upset or depressed about my injury or ‘not being able to run’, but instead thinking that perhaps now is the time to give my body a rest after 6 or so months of intense running training.

Perhaps July – September this year will be my ‘off season’ where I will take stock and refresh myself.  Then when I get back to running I’ll feel good and be grateful I can do it again! (perhaps!)

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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