Wrecked my knee and my plans

Well, the bad news is that I appear to have really injured my knee.

Yesterday during the 31 mile extravaganza I did: (https://lornpearsontrains.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/wk24-31m-dunbar-hospital-thurso-to-wick/ ) I felt the familiar pain of IT band friction in my right knee and leg from about mile 16 onwards (anvinjury I had about 2 years ago)

I (perhaps stupidly) continued to run the next 15 miles through the pain, but despite the pain then and now I’m glad I accomplished what I did.

Now I’m nursing a hell of a sore knee and trying not to moan too much as I know it is very much self inflicted and my own stupid fault.

Here’s why I think it happened:

Injury due to increasing milage too much after having 1-2 weeks of lower milage, as well as perhaps too much training with not enough recovery weeks (3:1, rather than 2:1)in too short a build up period (5-8 weeks).

I aimed to train to run 40 miles in 8 weeks of training. I thought I had ‘the marathon in my legs’ so thought I’d be fine – I possibly should have built training up more slowly and over a longer period, say 3-6 months.

I ran 26.2 again a few weeks ago and was fine, then it all went a bit wrong 10 days ago on the Thursday I was meant to run 32 miles. Pain in my right ankle after 6 miles. Then continued pain (and self doubting for the next 16 miles.

So I decided rest was in need. I took 6 days off running, did a short gym session and an 8 mile trail walk during the 6 days but rested totally from running. I thought I was being sensible.

The day before my 31 mile run I tried out a 5 mile run and felt comfortable and strong. I was ready to run the longest distance I’ve ever run.

It was physically and mentally challenging, and perhaps I could have done it differently (slower on the day perhaps or with more weeks of training) but I’m glad I did it.

Perhaps my mistake was in my training plan? 3 weeks of progressive increases in training followed by a recovery week. Perhaps I needed 1 in every 3 weeks as lower milage recovery weeks. One thing is for sure, from week 3 I was finding the training load hard by that point. I felt like I needed more rest and recovery.

Week 2 was my best week where I ran 54 mikes including a marathon from Glasgow to Greenock where I didn’t feel any I’ll effects after it and managed a good negative split. After that I’ve been averaging about 35/36 miles a week.

Now, despite my rest enforced rest periods I now have an injury which feels like it needs at least a two week recovery period.

I want to be sensible and am 95% sure I’ve scuppered my chances of starting (and finishing) the Clyde Stride in 3 weeks time.

I’m almost comfortable with the fact that it might not be the right time for me to do it now, but that perhaps next year I can use what I’ve learned and train smarter based on my learnings. I’m also comfortable in the knowledge that yesterday I ran a very poignant 31 miles home with the support of friends and family locally and via Facebook. I didn’t get a medal but I have a garmin route to show for it (and the scars/injury to proofs I succeeded in completing the specific challenge that I bet no one else has).

I think I’ll rest from running for around about 2 weeks then consider if I’m going to pull out from the Clyde Stride or not. We’ll see.

I don’t want to risk being out for longer than need be, it just isn’t worth it. Perhaps it’s just my body reminding me that I’m still human after all? 😉

There is also the fact that if you look at the bigger picture the Clyde Stride isn’t the most important thing in the world. I feel grateful that I’ve been able to run as well as I have been and perhaps it’s time to restock and think about what it is that’s important in life.

Perhaps I could spend the next few weeks resting and perhaps refocus on improving my nutrition and my training goals and plans instead?

Here’s a question: What would you do if you were in my position?

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8 Responses to Wrecked my knee and my plans

  1. mrf444Kevin says:

    Ahhh that’s just crap Lorn……so sorry that I haven’t been in touch but I really haven’t been doing much writing at all lately. Feel really bad that we weren’t there to give you a wee hand along the way…I’m feeling very guilty having read your post….give me a shout if you want a blether ( I take it you’re still in Wick?)….apologies, don’t “do” facebook

  2. Dave Lord says:

    Hi Lorn, Reading your review I think your you are right that Clydestride may well be scuppered, but the way your training worked out you got to do a run you will treasure and remember much more. ITB would not of waited until after CS, and a DNF without your 31 miler would be worse than a DNS , with hindsight it’s easy to say “what if”, a 3’40” solo marathon and 31 miler within a couple of weeks is tough and shows grit . If you cannot run during this week then i think you must accept CS is not for this year (you can always pace/navigate me for some miles:-). Still time for you to enter London Marathon and plenty more races will be about.
    Take care , I wish you a speedy recovery, but as they say don’t run before you can walk a few weeks rest now may save lots of pain later
    And the answer to “What would you do if you were in my position?” probably not decide until the Friday and then do it and suffer, then kick myself with my good leg for the next six months

    Dave x

  3. lornpearson says:

    Hey Kevin, thanks for your message – believe me, Robert helped me a lot at 28.5 miles when I was swithering whether to finish the last 2.5 miles or just run home…. `I’m back home now and feeling fine about it all…good infact. 🙂 My knee is feling much better and here is the garmin, pretty good splits considering! http://connect.garmin.com/activity/95065779 Thanks for the comment. 😀

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