Wk24 – 5M in sunny Wick

I’ve not run since the disastrous run a week ago where I was meant to run about 26 miles (32 in total for the day) and I only managed 16 (plus 6 from the morning). I had a rubbish time mentally and my leg above my Achilles was aching.

So, I decided as I was on leave from work this week for my birthday and I was away from home, I’d ditch the usual training plan and rest. We did a nice 8 mile walk on Monday and walked a little the other days but I stayed off the running until today.

And it seemed to work. When I got to Wick I got changed and aimed to run about 5 miles around town. It’d be most of the route I’d do just to see if it’d be ok for crossing etc and so that I could try and remember it.

I ran up to Henrietta St, down through town over Bridge St, along past the medical centre, up to Union St, up the Cliff, and up towards the High School. From there I ran towards Argyll Sq down to the Harbour, up Scalesburn and home via Lindsay Place. I think Scalesburn may just kill me tomorrow.(after 30 miles or so) Lol.

All in all I felt good. No pain in my calf, running

comfortably and strong. I did the 5 mikes in just under 40 minutes. The weather was good, a little chilly, but sunny overall. Fingers crossed it’s like that for tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is to drive to Thurso leaving here at about 7am, start running just after 730am, then 4:30 later I should be finished (12). Then lunch, shower then my nephews sports day if I’m still alive?! Need to watch the pace too: 8:30-9:00 minute miles.

Run: 5M,39:03, 7.7mph, 502 calories.
Ave HR: 161 (84%) Max HR: 177 (94%)

Here’s the garmin route: Wk24 – 5M in Wick

Here is the route I’m doing tomorrow: https://lornpearsontrains.wordpress.com/2011/06/11/run-home-route-in-caithness/

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