Wk23 – Long run day – part 1

I’ve been a bit busy since knocking off work on Wednesday night. My sister was way over her due date with her second baby and I was to look after her oldest daughter whilst my sister was in labour.

I did manage to get a long run in over the long weekend, around about picking up my niece, looking after her, visiting my sister and my new niece at the hospital and taking them home from hospital.

My planned long run was 32 miles, and I’d missed a 5 mile run on Wednesday morning and a 9 mile run on Wednesday night. I felt like it was a bit much to try and run 14 miles one day, then 32 not so long after it.

On the day I had the 32 miles planned it was Jackie’s birthday, and although I knew that my plan was 16 miles out the Clyde Stride route and 16 miles back (from Cambuslang), I thought that maybe a run with Jackie would be a good idea.

I knew Jackie was running 6 mikes that morning, so I offered to join her. Then I’d do 26 ish only own. That was the plan anyway. Jackie meets a small group of friends and runs around Pollock Park before going to body pump. They leave at 9:10. I offered to go to hers and take her to Bella, and I gave her her birthday present when I picked her up.

We got to Bella and 6 other runners were there. Jane, Lesley, Georgia, Louise, Hazel and my marathon training buddy Julie Ann. I know them all through Jackie and it was nice to see them all.

We ran into Pollock Park and back, just under 6 miles at a nice comfortable pace for me. I knew I had a long run ahead of me and was conscious of this 6 miles just being the start of it.

After the run, although I hadn’t noticed anything on the run, I noticed my right leg between my achilles and calf was sore. Like it needed stretched. Any time I flexed my foot up it was sore.  I had another 26 miles to go though… so I got my stuff together and drove to Cambuslang…

Run: 6.2 miles, 55 mins, Pace: 9 min miles, Calories: 619
Garmin route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/92773829

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