Wk23 – 5.1M Queens Park

I woke on Tuesday morning before the alarm at about 5:45am.  The 8 mile run I had planned was the first thing I thought of.  I had said to myself the night before that I would get up at 6:10 and out the door for 6:20 so I could do 1:10 of running and be back for about 7:30.

By the time I got up (I was persuaded not to get up at 6:10 by and external force other than me for once (my persuasive partner)) at about 6:30, I decided that I was putting too much pressure on myself to aim to do 8 miles (6 at tempo pace) and that I should just do 5 miles and see how I got on.  I would be able to fit 5 miles in before I needed to get back and I could do 8 miles tonight (instead of the 5 I’d planned!)

So at 6:43 I went out the door and did my Queens Park route back to front.  I tend to usually run my routes the same way, but this time I felt it was time for a change.

I felt a bit sluggish when I started off and missed my first mile split (usually I look at it on my watch as it passes the mile marker), so I wasn’t sure how my pace was.  Gradually up hill for the first 2 miles or so, I was stuggling a bit and did an 8:39 minute mile pace for the second mile. 

After that things seemed to pick up and by the time I’d completed the 4th mile I felt properly warmed up and ready to go.  lol.  1.1 miles to go.  I think running longer has meant that it takes me a bit longer to warm up and also makes me feel like I’ve lost some speed. 

Now this is where I have to stop myself and ask: ‘Who cares Lorn??!  Who care’s if you’ve lost some speed!! You can still run…and not only run, you can run for hours on end – get over yourself! You are training to run 40 miles, so you are bound to lose some speed, in fact – you NEED to lose some speed!’

I finished the run in just under 42 minutes and felt ok.  Just ok.  I’d done another good negative split (last mile 7:42).  I decided I would stop any pressure on myself about ‘tempo’ runs or ‘speed’ runs and I’d just run from now on.   Concentrate on aiming to do negative splits and that’s it.

Tonight it is spinfit (45 mins) then I’m going to do the route I had planned for Monday night and just get on with it!

Run: 5.1M, 41:35, Pace: 8:06, 7.4mph, 518 calories.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 164 (86%)

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