Not enough shut eye…

Premier League teams employ sleep experts to avoid slipping into slumberMonday morning and the night before I’d woken at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I think I was thinking about work (swimming teaching) and what I’m going to do with a few kids to get them to progress. Mind working over and over and over… sometimes I could backwards from 10 repeatedly to try and take my mind off what ever it is I’m thinking about.

After a bit of not sleeping, I then started to feel hungry again, but I was so tired there was no way I was getting up until it was time. I dozed off around half 5 then was woken by the alarm not long after. 

So it’s safe to say my Monday morning run was postponed until after work so I could catch a bit more shut eye before I had to get up. I must admit, it would have been better to get up and do the run, I’m sure I would have felt refreshed after it, but I just couldn’t force myself to get out of bed when 630 came around. 

So I might just change the plan for the Monday run. After an easy long run of just 10 miles at the weekend (they’ve been 21.5 and 26.2 miles in recent weeks) I think a bit of a tempo run is on the cards. I think I’ll aim for about 8 miles tonight. 1 mile warm up, 6.2 miles fast, 1 mile recovery. I’ll run from Bellahouston and maybe go into and around Pollock Park. Lets see if I can still run fast!? 😉

I’m going to update my training plan for this week too and do more miles this week and less next week. I’m on hoilday from work next week and travelling to Inverness and Wick, so shorter runs if anything, are probably the best bet. Plus it’s my birthday on Tuesday and I plan on doing this:  Wolftrax mountain biking

I’ve updated the plan here: Wk 4 – Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

Enough rambling about not getting up this morning, here is the planned route for tonight:

8.2M incl women’s 10k route

8.2M incl women's 10k route
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