Wk4 – Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

Last week I managed to get most of my planned runs in… even though I took Monday Tuesday off from running.  I did 5 and 7 miles on Wednesday, a hilly 12 miles on Thursday, my easy 4.3 mile run on Friday morning, and 2/3s of my long run (10 miles run, 15 planned) on Saturday. (38.15 miles)

I had planned to do the 5 I missed on Sunday, but I’m going to keep it as a rest day and do the missed miles next week.

This week I’m going to pick up the miles again, and do my longest run of 32 miles at some point later in the week.

Once again life is getting in the way again… my sister is overdue her second baby (due on 5th June) and I’m going to look after my 3 year old niece whilst my sister is in hospital. Obviously she can’t plan when she goes into labour – so I might need to drop things (including work) at the last minute to look after my niece.  Suits me.  😀  Parks, swimming, kids DVDs and games. 😀

Anyway, this week, week 4 of my training for the Clyde Stride 40 mile ultramarathon will be roughly as follows:

Monday: 8 miles inluding 6.2 miles tempo
Tuesday: Spin and 5 mile run
Wednesday: 5 miles with Gill am, 9 miles pm (14)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 32 miles – possibly 16 miles up from Cambuslang and back.
Sunday: Rest Day

Some of the days might get mixed about, but you get the picture.  Almost 60 miles in one week. :-O

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