Wk22 – 10.22M wi Jackie and Trish

Saturday morning and originally I had a 32 mile running in my training plan, but I was asked to cover swimming lessons from 8-10 on Saturday morning, so decided I would bring my short (15 mile) long run forward a week and do the 32 mile run next weekend when I had more time.

I don’t want to spend more than up to 12 noon on a Saturday training.  I like to do things with my partner on Saturday afternoons so I figured this would be the best option.  I arranged to meet Jackie at just after 10am and we’d run for about an hour and a half.  Then I thought I would run 5 miles after it. One of Jackie’s friends Trish joined us too which was good.

The run we did was a 10 mile route from Bellahouston up towards Paisley, onto the Cycle track 75 back to Pollock Park, in to the park for a bit before finishing at Bellahouston.

Jackie has been running for over 11 years and she really is a good runner.  Full of information, advice and good chat.   She’s had plenty of injuries too and does other activities including Body Pump, Swimming, Hill walking etc so she’s a wealth of knowledge through her experiences.  And she’s just plain nice.  🙂

I wasn’t really paying attention to pace as the run wasn’t about pace.  It was about running with others… something I really appreciate.  Socialising as you run, and before you know it the run is finished and you’ve just chatted for an hour and a half.

I knew we did the 10 miles at a slower pace than I was used to, but I let Jackie dictate the pace as she’s just got little leggies.  😉

The weather was gorgeous, proper sunglasses, shorts and vest weather.  The forecast had said it would be sunny intervals up to about 12, then it would start raining, but I didn’t think the rain would come considering it was so nice when we were running.

We finished, had a drink and stretched and I still had it in my head that I was going to do the extra 5 miles I had planned.  Trish kind of looked at me funny (Jackie knew that I’m crazy)… 😉  It was about 11:50 and I figured 5 miles would take me up to about 12:35, then once I got home and showered it would be getting on past 1pm…so I decided that it was more important to spend time with my partner, and park the extra 5 miles for another day.  You get ‘Work:Life balance’ (which I’ve luckily got thankfully)…. or ‘Run:Life balance’ in this case. 🙂

I went home and as I was driving home, the heavens opened…  absolutely pouring!!  😀   Sometimes you make a decision, then more or less as soon as you made it, a reason pops up to confirm why your decision was right.  😀   It rained pretty much the rest of the day, but I’d enjoyed a great run with my friends before it did.

Run: 10.22 miles, 1:35, Pace: 9:17, Calories: 1,014.
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR:  164 (86%)

Oh and I checked our pace on Garmin when I got back.  The oddest thing.  Jackie had found the run a little hard at parts, but she kept her pace really consistent.   About half way in she said the pollen was getting to her breathing… but…she still managed these splits:

Normally when people run and they struggle, the start out steady or fast, then lose pace as they struggle. Jackie was finding it hard with the pollen and latterly with the heat from the sun, but she managed to run steady for the first 2 miles, then faster for the next 2, then steady again (for 2), then faster (for 2), then steady (for 2)…then fast and strong for the last home straight (0.2 miles).

I think Jackie is a brilliant runner.  She’ll probably never break speed records but she is the best runner I know, able to maintain pace over a long period and stay strong.  😀 Jackie is the best runner I know!!

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