Run home route in Caithness

As part of my training for the 40 mile ultra marathon I’m doing, I’m planning on running 31 miles up in Caithness when I visit my favourite family at the end of June.

I was born in Thurso almost 31 years ago and grew up in Wick. I went to school there, then left when I was 17. My brother and his family still live there, in the house I grew up in and I’m visiting them the weekend after I turn 31.

I wasn’t sure of routes and I don’t want to run on the main roads as they won’t be safe. So I asked around some friends who still live there, and the back B road along past Loch Watten was suggested.

My gorgeous talented niece is going to be dancing in Thurso (where I was born) on the Saturday morning when I’m up so I thought I could maybe get a lift to Thurso, then run from Thurso to Wick (via Halkirk and loch Watten). Thurso is about 21 miles from Wick, but I can probably make the route up to 31 miles or so if I run on the quieter and safer back roads. It’ll be about 4:30 hours of running I think.

I thought I could run from where I was born in Thurso, then run 27 miles to Wick.

Route here:

31 miles Thurso to Wick 

Then when I get there (if I can remember the route by then), past my Dads old work (now my brothers work) up to the High School, down past the harbour, up Scalesburn, past Hillhead (my old primary school) and ‘home’, the way I used to walk to and from primary school. (Only thing is after running 27 miles I won’t be looking too fresh or too clever, hopefully I’ll be ok though.)

It’d be a once in a lifetime run I think. I’ll run 31 miles from where I was born to where I grew up, 31 years after my parents took me home from the hospital.  It looks like it’s kind of downhill towards Wick, with that little extra 100ft climb right at the end (Scalesburn?) which might just finish me off!!

I just hope the weather is ok, and I can deal with the distance! 😉

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4 Responses to Run home route in Caithness

  1. Phillippa says:

    Looks like a brilliant run! Good luck and enjoy the experience. Just wish I was up to such a run!

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  3. Dave Lord says:

    Looks fun , but the killjoy in me says it is too far before clydestride. 4.5 hours will make it hard to recover properly,
    anyway goodluck with the weather , Forget the nostalgia and don’t be afraid to cut it short, long runs before marathons are all about confidence building so aim to finish thinking I could of carried on.

    Then get back to Glasgow and recce the rest of the Clydestride for me

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