Wk22 – 4.3M Maxwell Park

Fridays are usually my ‘rest days’, and boy could I have done with the rest this morning.  After last nights 12 mile hill run where the first 6 miles of flat were 8:00 minute miles and the next 6 miles included 710 foot of elevation gain, and drop – I could have done with a wee day off.

But I’d taken Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning off after my successful marathon run on Saturday.  I probably could have run on Monday or Tuesday morning, but I had a feeling that I wanted a rest, and committed myslef to running on Friday morning instead.  4 run days a week, plus spinfit is becoming a little tough for me, but I’m determined to stick with it.  😀  It’ll all be worth it in the long run.

I got in at 9pm last night after the adventure up Gleniffer Braes with Crisdid a bit on the computer… had a shower and by the time I was in bed it was after half 10.  I had a mars bar milkshake to see if it might help my muscles recover from the shock of running 8 min miles, then running hills, and did the update of the run on here.

I got in bed and assumed the alarm would be on as normal (6:05am)…. only to find me getting woken up at 6:23 by my partner to say the alarm didn’t go off.  I set myself a time to get up by – 6:40…so that I could be out the door for about 6:50 for a 35 minute run.

I managed to drag my a$$ out of bed, had a small bowl of special k to stave off any hunger pangs and give me a bit of energy, then went out.  It looked like a nice day outside, but it was a little chilly.  I’d worn shorts and a vest t-shirt…and I could have probably got away with wearing long sleeved, but I was ok.

I thought I’d just run it nice and easy, not worry about pace and I have to say it was a bit of a struggle at the start.  The first mile was 8:55. The next mile 8:46.  I knew that after I got past the 2.5 mile mark it’s kind of downhill, and by the time I got to that point I felt like I’d warmed up.

Old dog (and bad dog) were out with their owner.  Poor wee Old Dog is the old golden labrador I see being walked by his owner each morning at around 7am.   Old Dog staggers slowly around the block, whilst his owner walks Bad Dog ahead of him on a lead.  Bag dog is a much younger looking spaniel type dog. I call him Bag Dog as he started barking at me one day, but he might as well be called Young Dog.   Bad Dog suits him fine. 😀  He must be bored having to walk so slowly around the block, but the owner does her best to accomodate both dogs and obviously cares a lot for both of them.  I must say hello to her next time I pass her as we always see each other when I’m out on my early runs to Maxwell Park.  Perhaps I could find out the dogs real names!?

After Maxwell Park I felt warmed up, looser and strong.  I did mile 3 in 8:13, then downhill towards Sheilds Road my 4th miles was 7:44.  With 0.3 miles to go along Seaward Street, I compled the last bit wiith a pace of 7:05.

It was a bit of a struggle but I like how I’m able to push myself when I want to… and I’m liking all of these negative splits I’m doing on runs (even if gravity and hills have something to do with them.) 🙂

A good run, which I’m glad I got out of my bed for.

Run: 4.3M, 35:43, Pace: 8:15, 7.3 mph, 430 calories.
Ave HR: 153 (81%), Max HR: 171 (90%)

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