Wk22 – 11.75M Gleniffer Braes with Cris

Wow! That was some run!  Thursday night and I’d arranged to run with the speed demon that is Cris (from work).  He knew a good challenging route up Gleniffer Braes up Paisley way and he wanted to show me the way.

Cris has just completed his first marathon and is really enjoying running right now.  He’s a great enthusiastic guy, easy to chat to and an all round nice guy.

I picked him up from our work at 6pm, and we drove to Paisley.  After a few wrong turns we eventually found where we wanted to be so that we were at the end of the hills we were about to go up.  We ran into Paisley and along the now very familiar national cycle network route 75.  We joined it just at the railway station. Into Johnstone and up Kings Road.

We ran along flat for about 6 miles (48 mins), then we went onto trails towards Gleniffer Braes – trail running as opposed the the road running I’m used to.  Cris had warned me about the hills, but I’m usually ok on hills.  Usually I just slow the pace down a little and work that little bit harder to get up them….not worrying about pace or time, just getting to the top so that I can take advantage of the gravity on the downhill!

We had run pretty much 8:00 minute miles in the first part of the run, and I was feeling it.  I could feel it cardio wise when I was trying to chat and sometimes not getting enough breath, and my calves were feeling it too.  I was just at the top of my comfort zone.  Ok but perhaps needed to watch it and be careful from now on.

I was feeling my usual evening cramps again… really annoying but I managed to put up with them and I think they got frightened off when the hills arrived. 😉

As we started on the hills, we had no other option but to walk some of them.  I was good to keep running of sorts, but sometimes when they are as steep and as long as they were, you’re better off walking quickly.  We climbed up and up and up…and then this expanse just opened up, giving us a great view of Paisley and beyond.  The hills in the distance, Ben Lomond and many more.  It was a lovely clear night and we could see the planes flying up from Glasgow airport.  The clouds were lovely.  The weather was pleasant, about 10 – 12’C.

We climbed again and unfortunately my wee camera started playing up again…the green light wash flashing and the red one was too..so I put it away and concentrated instead on watching where I was placing my feet on the trail going down.  I found out later that it decided to start filming sporadically… lol.  (see the rather crappy videos below).

Cris and I had a great chat along the way, about anything and everything.  Running, families, work, friends, beliefs, ideas, energy, recovery, holidays, challenges… we both got to know each other that little bit better and had a great night for it.

I love being introduced to new routes and exploring a little bit more than I normally would on my own. It’s nice to be taken on a route that someone else knows so that you can then learn that route and go on it yourself again, or show others.  And hill training is one of the best kind of training you can do! It’s hard work, but it’s definitely worth it!

At one point Cris called me ‘unique’ and that he didn’t think he’d find many other women who would want to do a route like that. Bring it on I thought.  🙂  And it’s not the first time I’ve been called that!

We finished the run, stretched a bit, took on a bit of energy and lucozade and headed back to Glasgow.  Back home by about 9pm.  I dropped Cris off and he asked if I was resting tomorrow, that’s when I realised that I had an easy 4.3 miles planned tomorrow morning… we’ll see if I can muster the energy to get up for that!

I have a feeling, although I’ve drunk a milkshake, that my legs might feel a little tight tomorrow. I haven’t run 8:00 minute miles in a while as I’ve been trying to restrict my pace somewhat….but we’ll see what happens. An easy run might loosen my legs off.  🙂

Run: 11.75M, 1:45, Pace: 8:57, Calories: 1162.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 173 (91%)

Look at this one for a cute  (partially) bounding labrador we met on the way!

(Look at the elevation on that!!!)

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5 Responses to Wk22 – 11.75M Gleniffer Braes with Cris

  1. Cris says:

    enjoyed it Lorn, great views on this route eh. Keep up the training!

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  3. Rose says:

    How do you take so many pictures…especially whilst running 8 minute miles!!!!

    That looks like a great route. I love the kind of hill work that affords you views to distract you at the top.

    Also…how do you get your splits to show on your route like that…do you photoshop it?

    Questions, questions!


  4. Rose says:

    another reply just cause I forgot to tick the ‘notify me’ box!

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