Wk22 – 5M Pollock Park wi Gill

Wednesday morning and it was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed, but I’d arranged to meet Gill at Bellahouston so I had to leave for about 620. 

We started from Bella at 6:30 and Gill said she nearly text me to say she wasn’t going to make it, but she didn’t want to let me down.  It’s a good way to motivate yourself to train that is – arrange to meet someone else so you can’t put it off.

Based on our last previous runs, I thought it would be a good idea to start out slower and build up speed as we went.  We’ve run 5 times together now, and the one time Gill kept running the whole way, she started out slower, so I thought that was the way forward.

Gill ran 14 miles at 10 minute mile pace at the weekend and felt really comfortable, but she said she wanted to do our runs faster. 

I thought 9:30 to start, then maybe 9:00 min miles for the rest of it.  I let Gill know my intentions and we did indeed take the first mile slower than normal (9:22).

And it seemed to work.  Gill stayed strong throughout and finished with a strong 8:42 minute mile at the end.

Oh and I think Gill might have figured out why she goes hot / cold.  She thinks she’s over heating!  Each time it’s happened to her she’s been wearing warm underlayers or jackets (because its been cold to start or raining).  She’s also taken on board my suggestion to make sure she eats before she runs, but hopefully we might have figured out how to stop that strange feeling she gets.

Today she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she felt fine, so I think she might have cracked it!  Gill has had really good progress too.  😀  Today it seemed easeir for her (to chat and run) and she did a great run.

It was a good run, not far off her PB for the route.  The weather was ok, no rain, not too cool or too warm… just right.  We had a good chat and by the time I was finished I wanted to keep going!! (but had to get ready for work – boo!) 

I’ll just have to run tonight straight after work – maybe 5-7 miles up the West End.  😀

Run: 5M, 45:44, Pace: 9:04, 6.6mph, Calories: 499
Ave HR: 141 (79%), Max HR: 160 (84%)

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2 Responses to Wk22 – 5M Pollock Park wi Gill

  1. Dave Lord says:

    At last a run on your training log – I was beginning to think you had given up after Saturday ;-), Good luck with the double , I got drowned on mine last night and found it very tough.

    • lornpearson says:

      ha ha… cheeky! I think in the back of my mind I was thinking…. I did a long long long run … I should be allowed to stay in bed (monday and tuesday morning – rest will be a good thing 😉 )… and on monday night I punished myself by cleaning all of the windows inside and out. So at least I did something constructive!! I should be running wed, thu, fri, sat for my sins now. 🙂 Hopefully the rain will stay away tonight, and if not I don’t really mind as I quite like it when it rains. Hope your next run is easier. 🙂

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