Wk3 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

Last week I managed to get all of my planned runs in ans especially enjoyed the long run on Saturday: Glasgow to Greenock.

 This week is to be a quieter recovery week with less miles.  I feel fine after the marathon distance I did on Saturday, no delayed muscle soreness at all which is great. But I decided I felt like a rest on Monday and will pick up Monday’s 7k run later in the week (perhaps Friday am?).  I also was meant to be covering a swimming teaching class on Saturday, so I moved my extra long run of 32 miles to the next weekend to allow me to fit everything in.

It so happens the swimming has been cancelled, but I’m still going to do 15 miles this Saturday instead of the 32.  Good to give my body a rest after all these runs.  😉

So this week, week 3 of my training for the Clyde Stride 40 mile ultramarathon is as follows:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday PM: Double Spinfit pm.
Wednesday AM: 5 mile run easy (with Gill), PM: 5 miles Queens Park or West End.
Thursday AM: 11 miles hilly with Cris. Gleniffer Country Park.
Friday AM: 4.3M easy run.
Saturday: 15M run with Jackie (I’ve not run with her for ages!! Can’t wait!)
Sunday: Rest. 

My Week 3 training plan for 40 mile Clyde Stride Ultramarathon

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