Wk21 – 7.6M West End and Bridges

Thursday night and it was my second run of the day.  I had to make it up so that I’d done 12 miles that day… 5 miles in the morning meant I was aiming for 7 miles in the evening.

After the delay tactics of Wednesday night (finish work at 5pm… watch a bit of telly… eventually get out for run at 630pm)… I figured it would be best to run straight from work.

Following my concern about if I was taking in enough calories, I ate a snickers about an hour before I ran. 😀

It was a warm night (about 20’C) and I’m glad I wore just my shorts and tshirts.  I fancied a new route and decided I’d run most of the route on the north side of the city.  I don’t usually venture over there, but after quite a few runs in and around Pollock Park, it was time for a change.

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I ran from the BBC, up towards Kevlingrove, in through the park, up to where Kevlingrove underground is (commuters blah…get out of my way!!), back down into Kelvingrove park and around it a bit.

I went through the very hot tunnel that goes over the motorway towards the SECC.

Then I started to feel cramps again… arg… surely not!  It must be just running at that time of night.  After about 4 miles or so I was back to the BBC and decided I’d pop in to try and relieve the cramps!  It worked.

Back on route I ran along the Clyde and passed a colleague who sits at my row of desks.  I walked with her for a bit then went on.  I turned back after I’d gone over one of the bridges and headed back along the north side of the Clyde.

I’d aimed to do around 7mph, or 8:30 minute miles…and as the clock turned to 1 hour, I’d clocked up 7 miles exactly!  It was a good feeling to finally have my pace sorted and on target (without really thinking too much about it).

I’m trying to make running at between 8:30 – 9 minute miles my natural, comfortable pace without loads of effort, and it seems to be working.  I’m thinking 8:30 – 9:00 min miles for the 40 mile ultra I’m training for.

One thing I did differently on this run was that instead of listening to my (fast) mix of music I made up, for my 10k, I listened to the Script album instead.  I’m thinking that perhaps helped me to calm the pace a bit. (Where as running to Eminem and the Foo Fighters makes me naturally want to go faster).

It was a good run anyway… I did have a few gremlins flying around when I had my cramps at around 3-4 miles… I was saying to myself, will I just do the 4 and a bit miles and not bother about 7 miles?  But I managed to hang in there and finish it.

After I finished I had 3 poached eggs on wholemeal toast:

Then later I had… wait for it… a mars bar ice cream and a mars bar milkshake !!  (to help me work rest and play).

I did take photos, but I haven’t got them to upload, I’ll upload them later.

Run: 7.6M, 1:05, Pace:  8:30, 7.1mph, 761 calories.

Ave HR: 150 (79%), Max HR: 162 (85%)

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